Wonder Girl is very pleased with her new Lalaloopsy toys. She’s a lucky girl because I have been chosen as a Lalaloopsy ambassador which means reviewing Lalaloopsy toys and letting you know all about what’s happening in the world of Lalaloopsy.

In the world of Lalaloopsy strawberry rivers flow and mushroom trees grow. Lalaloopsy dolls are magical rag dolls who come to life when their last stitch is sewn. Their style is very distinctive and WG loves them.

Tinies jewelry maker;

Lalaloopsy tinies jewellery maker

Lalaloopsy tinies jewelry maker is perfect for WG. She loves making and wearing jewellery and when she gets ready to go out she usually accessorises with necklaces and bracelets. This toy retails for £29.99 and is suitable for children aged four to eight. As WG is only four she needs lots of help from me to use it, however it is pretty simple to use and would be no problem for older children to use alone.

To get started you load up the big wheel tea cups with the supplied plastic beads. These are then emptied into a compartment on the base from which the jewellery is threaded. Then you loop the plastic thread through the line coming from the base and you’re ready to go. Simply press the pink flower button and the machine starts working, threading beads onto the thread until you reach your desired length and press to stop.

The other element to this toy is the tinies, little Lalaloopsy dolls which can be threaded onto the jewellery. They also fit into the big wheel cups to play with.

Lalaloopsy tinies jewelry maker

The tinies jewellery maker is a great toy. Easily making jewellery, and fun to play with too. I would definitely recommend it. My only issue is what we will do when the thread or beads run out, I can’t find specific spares for sale so will need to find something similar and hope that it works with other beads/thread. It would be a shame if the toy only lasts as long as the supplies.  I’ll update this post when we get to that point.

Super silly party doll – Peanut Big Top;

Lalaloopsy super silly party doll

This is Peanut Big Top and she is a very unique limited edition doll, WG loves her. Such a cute doll with amazing styling inspiring WG who asked when she can have sparkles in her hair!

She’s a good sized doll for four year old WG to carry around and she feels really well made and will last for years. Each Lalaloopsy doll has a unique personality based on what she was made from and I think Peanut Big Top is definitely a doll who likes to have fun. She comes with a charm bracelet, metal on a ribbon, which WG also loves.

Lalaloopsy super silly party doll

Peanut Big Top – Lalaloopsy super silly party doll retails for £24.99 and I would definitely recommend her for children aged four and up. For more information about Lalaloopsy toys, as well as activities and fun visit the website. 

*Disclaimer: As a Lalaloopsy ambassador we received these toys as a gift. My reviews are always honest and fair.