Happy New Year. I’m aware that I’m about a week late with my greeting and this post.  However 2016 is really only just through the door, settling in, and still shiny and new, so Happy New Year still feels appropriate.

2015 was an intense year, with lots of news and changes. We received a diagnosis for my son, which has enabled us to adapt our parenting in a way that has led to some really positive changes for him.

I lost my beloved Gran, in March, and I’m still grieving though I know it will get easier to live without her, in time.

I was diagnosed with autism, which has been life changing, and will hopefully lead to some much needed calm in my day to day life.

It was the year of many holidays. We went to Camp Bestival, camped in France, revisited Newquay, relaxed at Centre Parcs, and spent a weekend at Legoland, staying in the Legoland hotel. We feel blessed to have had all these opportunities and the children have thrived with each new experience.

Wonder Girl started school, and alongside the change for her came change to my daily routine now that I’m home alone for six hours a day. Super Kid started year four, and Robo Boy year two and all are doing fantastically.

In amongst all these big things were some little gems. Day to day successes. Super Kid won his school speech competition, and took his grade one ballet (news just in, he got a distinction!) Robo Boy and Wonder Girl started acrobatic gymnastics, and took part in the gymnastics Christmas show. Mr Purple’s electrical business continued to thrive and he now has a full time employee to help him rewire Bristol!

Overall it was a good year for us. We’ve been blessed with lots of good fortune and fun experiences.

Turning to 2016 I’m not going to make resolutions. The pressure of the definite increases my anxiety, so I’m happier having aspirations that may or may not happen.

2016 aspirations;

Family; For me family comes first. I want to continue spending lots of time together, doing exciting things and also enjoying down time, P.J days, lego building and the pure joy of snuggling up together in front of the TV.

I aim to learn to manage my anxiety better. Less shouting or ranting, because I’m distracted and stressed, more listening and loving my children and Mr Purple.

Friends; I’m blessed with some wonderful people in my life. They’re a big part of my happiness, and fundamentally I want to be an easier person to know. I’ll never be straightforward but I aim to be clearer about my needs, and to try not to sweat the small stuff. I look forward to more lunches, cinema trips, and endless chat with my friends in 2016.

Health; In 2015 my CFS symptoms have worsened, I’m more restricted by this illness than ever before. I’ve no idea where to turn for treatment, I’ve done a self management course and there are no other options from the NHS.  With so many alternative therapies available I’m befuddled and I don’t have the energy to figure out which ones are worth pursuing.

I aim to remain positive, despite feeling pretty crappy a large percentage of the time. I need to find the things I can still do and be ok with letting go of the rest. Looking on the bright side I have a beautiful home to relax in, a loving family for company and some new hobbies which can be done from my sofa.

Getting the autism diagnosis has been so helpful and in 2016 I aim to build on my coping strategies and learn to manage social communication more successfully, particularly in situations where I am with professionals or acquaintances. I also want to educate those around me about autism, so they can better understand and support me.

Blog; 2015 was a good year for my blog. I had a name change and this space got a redesign. I learned to blog the way I want to and I took off any self imposed pressure for it to be something other than my space for being fully me and sharing my life and thoughts. This made me happy.

In 2016 I want to continue doing what I do best, being honest about who I am and my experience of life.

On a practical note I’d like to post no less than twice a week. I aim to be more active on Instagram and Twitter. I’d like to continue to grow as a writer and alongside this improve my spelling and grammar.

So these are my aspirations for 2016. I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and are starting 2016 feeling positive and proactive.