Review - Room

Room is the new film from acclaimed director Lenny Abrahamsson, based on the best selling novel from Emma Donoghue. A riveting emotional journey about the power of love, limitless imagination and the strength of the human spirit. 

I read Room last year and was incredibly moved by the story. Inspired by the story of five year old Felix in the Fritzl case Donoghue wrote Room about five year old Jack, born in captivity to a woman kidnapped and held in a 10ft by 10ft space for seven years. Jack believes that Room is the world, with nothing outside but space. When his Mother plans and successfully executes their escape there is a very big world outside Room for Jack to adjust to and experience.

Having read the novel I was lucky enough to get a preview viewing of Room, due for release in the UK on January 15th. I really liked the adaptation and would recommend seeing this film.

Room is very true to the novel and Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay give outstanding performances as Ma and Jack. Jacob Tremblay is an incredible child actor, and pulls us into his world in Room and watching him experience this terrible ordeal made me want to hug my own children a little bit tighter after watching.

The cinematography and soundtrack are perfect and I watched the whole film with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Here is the trailer.


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*Disclosure: I was provided with the opportunity to see Room for the purposes of this review.