Avenue Q UK Tour

Avenue Q UK Tour, Bristol Hippodrome;

Avenue Q is an absolutely hilarious musical, performed by people and puppets, which is definitely not suitable for anyone under the age of 14! It’s Sesame Street meets South Park, kid’s TV for grown ups.

Having watched a fair amount of educational children’s TV over the last nine years I recognised the formula, high pitched enthusiastic puppets and gentle animation to help with the ‘message’. Only in this case the ‘message’ is “everyone’s a little bit racist” and “the internet’s for porn”. Turns out these puppets have a naughty side.

It works brilliantly. The only question I had whilst watching the show was how far will they go? Pretty darn far is the answer. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a prude, tending to get a bit giggly watching the ‘romantic’ bits on Game of Thrones. What I didn’t realise is that graphic sex scenes featuring puppets who finish at the waist would make me squirm in my seat. Turns out I’m even prudish about puppet sex.

The cast of Avenue Q are exceptionally talented. Having studied a teeny amount of puppetry (and mask work) during my studies at Ciromedia I know how hard working with puppets is, and how talented those that can make us believe in puppet characters are. This cast are in a whole other league.

I was particularly blown away by Richard Lowe as Princeton and Rod and Sarah Harlington as Kate Monster and Lucy the slut. Both talented singers, physical performers and actors. The other performers were all brilliant and the cast worked together perfectly.

I loved Avenue Q, and if you want to see it it’s at Bristol Hippodrome until Sat 13th February. The rest of the UK tour details are here.

*Disclosure, I was provided with two tickets for Avenue Q in order to write this review.