reasons to be happy

It’s been a difficult week here in Purple land. I’ve had a busy time with half term last week, a jam packed weekend and me pushing myself, at the start of this week, to try and make some progress with my never ending to do list. Plus I’ve been battling tobacco addiction, as after eight years originally quit I relapsed for around a year and really needed to get back on the wagon. So I’m on quit day eleven, go me!

So today, in the spirit of moving forward, I’m focussing on reasons to be cheerful;

Family; I have an amazing family. My children are smart, quirky, incredibly cuddly and lots of fun. My husband, Mr Purple, is as devoted to our family as a man could be, he’s clever, passionate and he makes me laugh every day.

I love my family and at difficult times it helps me to remember how fabulous they are, and blessed I am to have them.

Friends; I’m all about the people in my life. From the Mum’s who brighten my day with a smile on the school run to my closest confidants, my friends are the ones who make life rich, colourful and interesting.

Food; Food is a definite source of joy for me. I decided long ago that cake is more important to me than being thin, and cheese is definitely worth wearing a larger jean size! I love eating out, sitting with my family for a full on three course meal leaves me feeling satisfied, full and happy. Equally family dinner time, round the table, recapping our days and laughing at the funny bits are a daily pleasure.

Home; Having been fortunate enough to finally buy our own home, nearly two years ago, I absolutely love our house! I love our stripped wooden floorboards, our vertical radiators (I know, who loves radiators, but I’m odd like that), my beautiful duck egg blue range and our picture perfect wood burner. I love my large, south facing garden which is a total sun trap on summer days. I love my home and I appreciate it every single day.

The little things; board games, lego, Spotify, Netflix and colouring in. Taking photographs, writing, country walks. I love the cinema, pick n mix and rainbows. The joy that’s found between the paragraphs, the things that fill my days and make me who I am. I’m going to leave you with one of our most happy YouTube finds of the last five years, Space Unicorn, enjoy.