Laundry is not the most thrilling of jobs, but unless you want to rock the unclean stinky look then it has to be done. I’ve always been passionate about caring for the environment so Ecover’s natural laundry liquid is a perfect fit for my family. It’s plant based and non bio but that doesn’t mean a compromise on stain removal, it tackles tough stains even at 30 degrees.

I decided to do some baking to see if Ecover laundry liquid could handle a mixture of eggs, flour, butter and chocolate spread. Here’s me right after I put the cakes in the oven.


As you can see my apron got pretty mucky, so I popped it in the wash and waited to see if Ecover could get rid of the stains.


To be completely honest after the first wash it was nearly perfect but unfortunately a small chocolate spread stain remained. So I used some Ecover stain remover directly onto the stain, popped it back in the wash and as you can see it came out stain free. For less intense stains the laundry liquid on it’s own would do the job.

Ecover’s lighten the load laundry tips;

The folks at Ecover also have some great tips for lightening the laundry load, saving time and energy and leaving your clothes soft and spotless.

Washing machine maintenance; Once a year run a wash cycle with just hot water and a bottle of white vinegar. This will clean out residue that might be accumulating in your machine and keep your laundry looking it’s best.

Get organised; why not set up a weekly laundry schedule, I always do two loads a day every day, for a family of five this stays on top of the laundry. You could also do whites one day, colours another and towels and bedding on a different day.

Separate whites and colours; Separate dirty washing into a series of laundry baskets and encourage your family to pop their clothing into the correct ones. Split into whites, light colours, dark colours, bedding and red/pinks.

Caffeinate your jeans; If your favourite pair of black jeans are looking lacklustre soak them in a bucket of black coffee before washing. The natural tannins in coffee act as a dye to rejuvenate the colour.

Clean up your whites; When your whites have turned grey over time add ½ a cup of lemon juice to your wash with your detergent to give them a new lease of life.

Streamline bedding; When you wash bedding turn the duvet cover inside out and do up the buttons. The cover will be ready to put on and you won’t lose socks and other small items inside as it washes.

For more information about Ecover visit their website here 

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