top ten movies of all time

I love watching movies. In my teens and twenties I would spend entire days  escaping  reality and replacing it with a world where the man of my dreams might chase me to an airport and declare his love for me in front of the whole terminal. A place where it was possible I might secretly have telekinesis if I just tried hard enough.

Movies provide an escape from a confusing world and I love them. I’m going to share my top ten movies of all time. In no particular order.

My top ten movies of all time; 

dirty dancing

Number one, Dirty Dancing. As a teenager I really loved this movie. Dirty Dancing tells the story of Baby and her journey from clumsy duckling on holiday at a lame holiday camp with her family to sexually active, awesome dancer hanging out with the incredibly attractive (and significantly older) Johnny.


Number two, Clueless. The story of shallow Cher and her equally dumb but pretty friends. Clueless was the original ditzy rich girl movie.

The Lost Boys
Number three, The Lost Boys. I’ve always loved a vampire flick, and this is my favourite. The story of Sam and Michael who move to a small town in northern California. Unfortunately the town has a nest of spectacularly cool vampires and Michael ends up joining their ranks and falling in love with another vampire. Younger brother Sam and his new friends are left to save them, with a little help from Grandpa and his fabulously convenient vampire killing jeep!

The Matrix

Number four, The Matrix. The Matrix was groundbreaking both in concept and special effects. Thomas Anderson is a hacker otherwise known as Neo who falls down the rabbit hole when he discovers, thanks to a character named Morpheus, that his entire universe is an artificially created program, and that his actual body is in an icky human battery farm. I loved the costumes (and considered styling myself like Trinity) and who can forget the scene where Neo dodges bullets with some pretty nifty back bends. Now, do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

Lost in Translation

Number five, Lost in Translation. I discovered this film at a time in my life when I was feeling a bit stuck and the tone and pace of the film appealed to me. Charlotte, recently married to a musician, finds herself in Tokyo feeling a bit aimless and rapidly losing faith in her new marriage. Middled aged celebrity Bob is also in Tokyo filming a whisky commercial. They meet at a time when they both need someone. The story of their almost relationship is captivating. Also I’ve wanted to go drinking and end up in a private karaoke room in a pink wig ever since I saw it.


Number six, Elf.  I watch it every single Christmas and I absolutely love it. The story of Buddy the overgrown Elf, found in an orphanage by Father Christmas, and raised by Elves at the North Pole. The moment where he runs straight into a car and is thrown across it’s bonnet never fails to make me laugh.

The Sound of Music

Number seven, The Sound of Music. I first saw The Sound of Music when I was about five, and have watched it at least 20 times since. It’s about Marie the failed nun turned Nanny who falls for her handsome boss, becomes a surrogate Mother to his seven children and helps them all escape from the Nazi’s. All whilst singing and creating clothing out of curtains. Plus I literally can’t walk past a bandstand without a quick rendition of ‘I am sixteen going on seventeen’ .

Pulp Fiction

Number eight, Pulp Fiction. An absolute classic, I can’t even begin to describe the story because there’s so much going on. Highlights include Samuel quoting Ezekiel 25:17 , that quarter pounder discussion, the dance and the bit where we all have to look away as Vincent stabs an overdosing Mia in the chest with adrenaline.


Number nine, Labyrinth. Naive and slightly annoying Sarah has to solve the labyrinth to rescue her baby brother Toby from the Goblin King Jareth. With puppets from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, some fantastic tunes and David Bowie in tight leggings (which must have been padded, am I right?) what more could a girl want from a movie?


Number ten, BeetleJuice. Lydia’s family move into a house still very much occupied by the old owners, Adam and Barbara, who happen to be recently deceased. Adam and Barbara attempt to scare the new family away with help from Beetlejuice, but Beetlejuice has his own agenda and it isn’t pretty.

That’s my top ten, what are yours?