autism and anxiety

Autism And Anxiety;

It’s July which means it’s time for another Purple Ella vlog. This month I’m talking about autism and anxiety. Here is a short article from the National Autistic Society about how anxiety affects many people with autism. I am near constantly affected by my anxiety but prior to getting an autism diagnosis I didn’t recognise that I was anxious, I just knew something felt wrong inside me a lot of the time.

Since getting my diagnosis and beginning to analyse and better understand my feelings I’ve spent a lot of time testing strategies with the aim of reducing my anxiety. I hope this will lead to me becoming calmer and ultimately reduce the severity and number of meltdowns that I experience. In this months vlog I’m sharing these strategies in hopes that they might be useful for other people in a similar position.

As making vlogs is a new thing for me I’d really appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer.