enjoy spending time alone

Spending time alone is good, it gives you time to think, rest, and recharge. We live in very social times, we’re encouraged to be connected all the time. Between physically meeting people, social media and texting we’re constantly filling the gaps by sharing and taking on board other people’s thoughts, feelings and ideas.  I believe we also need space and time to reconnect with ourselves on a regular basis.

Finding time, and things to do alone can be difficult at first so here are some ideas to enjoy your own company.

Five Ways To Enjoy Spending Time Alone;

Go for a walk; 

I love going walking alone. Find somewhere pretty, a local park, country estate or a countryside walk and head out on your own. When I’m walking by myself I pay more attention to the view. I’m filled with the wonder and beauty of the smallest of things, like bees pollinating the flowers or long grass blowing in a summer breeze. I walk on some land near my house which has a view over the city, the city looks smaller and my worries are put into the same perspective. I feel better.

Take yourself out for a meal;

Going out for a meal alone can feel uncomfortable, initially. We’re accustomed to eating out with company but it needn’t be so. Once you get over the initial discomfort eating out alone feels liberating,  you can order whatever you fancy and enjoy the food without distraction. You can take a magazine, or bookmark your favourite blogs to read whilst you eat.

A solo cinema trip;

Personally I prefer going to the cinema alone. I watch whatever I like and sit wherever I want without having to consider someone else’s choices. It’s a real break from the world outside as I sit in the dark, brain occupied, enjoying something frivolous. If I’m feeling down I pick something upbeat, or funny, and I always feel better afterwards.

Have a window shopping wander; 

I live near the Gloucester Road in Bristol. I absolutely love wandering down the Gloucester Road, popping in and out of the shops. Perhaps picking up a tub of olives, or something lovely to wear from one of the independent clothes shops. It feels indulgent and it’s just for me. Visit your local shopping area alone, and peruse what’s on offer, take as long as you like with no one else to consider but you.

Enjoy your home alone; 

You don’t need to go out to enjoy your own company. Whether you live alone, or need to ask your family or housemates to give you some space, find some time to have me time at home. Read a book, spend time doing your favourite hobby be that baking, crafts, or lego building. Lounge in your garden or soak in a long luxurious bath. After a few hours at home alone I feel ready to face the world, recharged and calmer.

I hope you find these ideas useful and enjoy some quality time with yourself. Feel fantastic.