Camp Bestival 2016

Last weekend we were at Camp Bestival 2016. This was our third Camp Bestival, and we keep returning because it’s such an amazing festival. Fun for children and adults alike, a perfect family holiday. We easily filled our days and barely scratched the surface of the things to see and do on offer over the weekend. The theme this year was outer space and we certainly had a intergalactic adventure.

Things to see; 

Lazy Town Live; high energy singing, dancing and acrobatics from the residents of popular children’s TV show Lazy Town. Short and sweet, with lots of audience participation.

Fatboy Slim; We’ve enjoyed Fat Boy Slim’s music for many years.  I waved glow sticks, enjoyed the epic laser show and visuals and generally had it large with my youngest who definitely found her own unique groove to his epic beats.

Aliens Love Underpants Live; A creative show inspired by the popular children’s book. With some fantastic puppetry, brilliant songs and committed performances from the whole cast.

Royal Albert Hall Orchestra; This was an unexpected highlight for my eldest who plays the violin. A chance to see a full orchestra play space inspired music from classics like The Space Symphony to film scores from Star Wars and Superman.

The Wall Of Death; A wooden bowlful of motorbike stunt thrills. We stood around the top, nerves of steel as the motorbikes come within, what feels like, inches of where we stand. Part show, part thrill ride, definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

The Fireworks; Every year Camp Bestival ends with an epic fireworks display. This years display was mind blowing. The castle was lit from outside and in and the fireworks perfectly timed to some classic space inspired music.

Things To Do; 

We did so much. Camp Bestival feels like cramming a years worth of experiences into one weekend. Stimulating, educating, inspiring and amusing in equal measure. This year we;

Rode on the carousel. Bounced on the world’s biggest bouncy castle. Got educated about space in the Exploradome. Did print making with Badger Press. Made pirate ships. Made a boho tutu with Green Magpie Craft. Did coding and built a rocket in the science tent. Had our faces painted. Slid down the helter skelter several times. Made magnificent bubbles with Bubble Inc. Made bunting with Okido magazine. Dressed in fairy clothes from the fairy stall. 

Camp festival 2016 spacemen

Camp festival 2016

Camp festival 2016

Camp Bestival 2016Camp Bestival 2016

Camp Bestival 2016

Camp Bestival 2016

Things To Eat;

Camp Bestival offers a culinary feast. There is a massive variety of food on offer with everything from street food to pizza to sushi to curry. This year we ate and drank;

Macaroni cheese. Fishfinger sandwiches. Pizza. Churros. Milkshake. Thali. Vegetarian sushi rolls. Strawberries from the farmers market. Freshly made fruit and vegetable juices. Coffee. 

Camp Bestival 2016

Camp Bestival 2016

As you can see we had an absolute blast. We’re already counting down the days until Camp Bestival 2017. If you fancy joining us then now is the perfect time to book. Early bird tickets go on sale at 10am on Monday 8th August and offer a saving on the usual ticket prices. For more information head to the Camp Bestival website.

For now I’ll leave you a video of The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle filling up with smiling faces.

*Disclaimer, we were given tickets to attend Camp Bestival 2016 in exchange for promotion. I am always honest with my reviews and we really do love Camp Bestival.