Five best tunes for smiling

Music is central to my life. I start with Radio 6 during the day, followed by an album, chosen dependant on mood, to sing along with whilst I cook dinner. Next something motivating to get me through the final push of tidying, homework and children’s bedtime. If I’m lucky in the evenings Mr Purple will play DJ, and he often finds new music or plays something we both love.

So I’ve decided to treat you to a series of posts with music suggestions for every mood. Today I’m starting with my five best tunes for smiling.

1.First up a band whom I absolutely adore, Tune-Yards. The music project of Merrill Garbus, and let me tell you she is one inspiring artist. Totally unselfconscious, Merrill is all about the music. The tune I’ve chosen is ‘You Yes You’ it’s uplifting and this particular set in NPR Music’s tiny desk concert is packed full of joy. I can’t help bursting into a massive grin when they start bouncing.

2. Next up Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’. Yes I know, it’s popular, overplayed, and a little bit cheesy, but it’s undeniably a happy tune. If ever I’m feeling a bit down and I need a pick me up I’ll pop this one on and dance like none’s watching. Turn it up and smile.

3. I probably shouldn’t admit to this one but it’s an uplifting listen and lets face it happy tunes are often pretty uncool. Take That’s ‘Shine’, sung by the teeny and adorable Mark Owen. Pop it on and let it shine.

4. I love Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions. The whole album is amazing but my tune to make you smile is ‘Don’t You Worry About A Thing’. Happiness in musical form.

5. Finally the ultimate loving your life, smiling broadly, dancing around the living room, happy song. Katrina & The Waves ‘Walking On Sunshine’. Press play, turn it up and jump for joy. Life is good.