Best Tunes For Raging

Today I’m continuing with my ‘tune for’ series of posts. Take a look at the first post Five Best Tunes For Smiling if you haven’t read it yet.Today I’m sharing my five best tunes for raging.

Angry music. Music to shout, scream and throw stuff too. Yes, I know, we’re supposed to be all calm, practising mindfulness and yoga whilst drinking green juice these days. However some days I just feel angry, sometimes there’s a reason and some days I just wake up with my bitch face on. On these days I need my music to be angry. I need to get it out in a healthy and constructive way so that I can move onto a happier place.

If you also feel the rage from time to time then bookmark this page. I’m hoping it will help you out next time you wake up sucking on a lemon.

Five Best Tunes For Raging; 

Rage Against The Machine ‘Killing In The Name’

This was my angry music when I was a frequently angry teen. I used to visit a club in Dudley called JB’s on a weekly night out with friends. I have memories of some serious stomping and head banging to this tune, army surplus boots on my feet, pint of cider in hand.

Kelis ‘I Hate You So Much Right Now’

Sometimes someone will really screw up your day. Whether they cut you up in their car, gave you a dirty look or stole your boyfriend they made you mad. This tune is a battle cry, angry and honest. Screaming along “I hate you so much right now’ really lets it out so turn it on, turn it up and let that anger out.

Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

The ultimate angry teen tune and sometimes anger brings out the inner teen. This one needs no introduction.

Tori Amos ‘Silent All These Years’

I guess it’s no surprise that most of my angry tunes come from my teen years. Tori Amos was my favourite angsty female singer at that time and the lyric ‘I got the anti-crist in the kitchen yelling at me again’ was wailed into my pillow when I was having one of those days.

Ani DiFranko ‘Untouchable Face’

Moving on a few years and I discovered Ani DiFranko. Ani is a very honest artist. Untouchable Face perfectly covers rejection, bitterness and the sense that you’ve been trying way too hard for someone who really didn’t deserve it.