minimalism update

Back in January I watched a documentary about minimalism and was inspired to make some changes. I wrote this blog post.  Despite having never been a huge consumer I still felt that I was trying to solve problems with purchases, and overcomplicating my life with possessions.

During January I did some decluttering, I had to be restrained as I’m part of a family of five and though I would prefer an extremely minimalist living space my family had to be considered. So I went through my possesions and got rid of anything I felt was no longer useful or life enhancing. We still have a lot of things but I plan to be restrained with future purchases and to appreciate,use and repair that which we already own.

How does it feel? Firstly I have a little more spare cash, which is enabling me to feel less panic when dealing with an unexpected costs such as some recent repairs needed on our family car. I’m also spending on experiences, such a family meals out and a unique birthday party for Wonder Girl who turns six in May.

Secondly life feels less complicated. When I’m drawn in by advertising, or tempted to browse an attractive shop I can simply turn away from that desire and focus on what’s really important in my life.

Just this morning on Facebook I saw an advert for a Star Wars light switch sticker, dark side and light side. Without giving it any thought I clicked the link to see the price, then I remembered minimalism, turned away from the ad and looked out of my window to enjoy the morning clouds. These things cost more than cash, they cost us our time and energy.

I’m finding it’s very easy to forget my resolve when something shiny takes my eye. I have to be mindful and aware of the myriad of ways in which the consumerist world wants to suck me in. I’m not perfect but I’m not aiming for perfection, I want a sense of personal peace and time, money and energy for that which really matters.

Alongside a cull in consumerism I’ve also started practising mindfulness. I use the Headspace app for ten minutes a day and it’s having a profound affect on my state of mind. I am calmer and more able to take pause before reacting to a situation. Blissful.

The plan moving forwards is to continue to practise minimalism regarding spending and scheduling. Aiming for a life in which the important things (family, friends and everything connected with PurpleElla) are at the forefront and everything else fits into place without too much stress and complication.

Tell me about your journey? Share your approach in the comments, I’m always open to questions, suggestions and sharing.