The Big Bang Fair 2017

My children love science, they’re interested in how the world works, and they have a passion for finding out. I support this passion by providing them with resources and opportunities for learning. So when a friend told me about The Big Bang Fair for young scientists and engineers I booked tickets for Super Kid and Robo Boy immediately. Unfortunately Wonder Girl is too young, as it’s aimed at children from school year three upwards.

The Big Bang Fair didn’t disappoint, the boys had an absolutely fantastic day and returned educated, inspired and excited about science, maths and engineering.

What did we do;

Met the robot wars robots. My boys love, love, love robot wars! So imagine their excitement that they were able to see Sir Killalot and the winner and runner up from season eight.

robot wars Sir Killalot

robot wars winner

Took part in a maths cube building challenge with The Institute of Mathematics. Neither boy managed to build the cube in the required two minutes or under, but Robo Boy spent 20 minutes persevering to build the cube and was very proud when it was finally complete.

Built a salt water car from a kit, then raced the car against other competitors on a specially built racetrack.

Watched a show featuring popular YouTube mine crafters who played a special game designed by Water Aid to demonstrate the types of things built to provide clean water in third world countries.

Worked with a genetics team who showed them how to pipette samples into tiny test tubes.

Learned about 3d printing and saw one in action. Super Kid secured me a tiny Dr Who Tardis which apparently takes 30 minutes to print.

Took part in an eingineering lego workshop and then had an absolute blast using the cars they made to bash into other cars.

Tips for visiting next year;

The Big Bang Fair is held at the NEC in Birmingham. Tickets are free, and you can register online by visiting the website.  Parking at the NEC costs £12. You can buy food and drink within the fair, alternatively they provide an area for picnics.

The event itself is large, noisy and crowded. This can be difficult for some children so I would recommend preparing for this and bringing ear defenders if your child is sensitive to noise.

Shows. When you arrive you will be given a guide which has a timetable of the shows available each day. There are several stages. I would recommend planning your day around the shows you would like to see, and arriving at the stage 20 minutes prior to start time as seating is limited and it’s first come, first served.

We really enjoyed The Big Bang Fair and will be hoping to visit again next year.