five great ways to start your day

The way I start my day has a big impact on the rest of the day. If it doesn’t run smoothly it can affect my mood and productivity, so I think it’s important to start my day well.

I follow a morning routine, which includes plenty of self care and leaves me feeling positive and ready to start the day. I make sure that I get up with two hours before my first appointment or task so that I have plenty of time to work through my routine without feeling rushed.

Five great ways to start your day;

Mindfullness. I practise mindfulness first thing every morning and it makes an astonishing difference to how I feel throughout the day. I use headspace, and have worked through the 30 days initial training after which you can pick a pack of your choice. I’m currently doing the 30 days of anxiety headspace. 15 minutes each session is definitely a worthwhile use of my time, I am now calmer, and more able to deal with stress rationally.

Yoga. After my mindfulness session I do 15 minutes of yoga. It wakes up my body and mind and adds in a regular exercise session to my day. I use a YouTube channel Sarah Beth Yoga. Alternatively there are other yoga channels on YouTube or I’ve found several phone apps that offer short morning sessions.

Vitamins. I take a general multivitamin, omega oils and a probiotic every morning. I definitely notice a difference in energy levels and propensity to catching colds and other kinds of illness if I miss a few days.

Getting organised. I have children to get to school, lunches to pack and whatever is needed for my day ahead. So I allocate around 30 minutes to getting organised. When everything is organised I feel in control and less anxious. I would recommend making a chart for what jobs are needed each morning or if your days vary start by making a list and work through it.

Personal grooming. I used to find myself dashing around shoving on clothing and quickly dragging a brush through my hair. So I left the house feeling a little bedraggled which didn’t feel good or motivate me for the day. Now I follow a routine of showering, choosing clothes which will be comfortable and feel good, and taking the time to apply make up and style my hair. Taking the time for this self care is good for my self esteem and helps me to start the day feeling on top of things.

I love my morning routine, it makes the start to the day so much less stressful and more positive. I would recommend deciding upon a routine which incorporates positive self care, jobs needed and some time for grooming. It can be overwhelming at first so writing it down can help, also taking each task one step at a time, focussing on just what you have to do in that moment and not letting your mind get ahead of itself.