Summer is here! The purple children break up from school tomorrow and we have a fun summer planned, so I’m super excited. In the past at this point in the year I’ve felt really anxious. Loss of routine and a stretch of unscheduled time can be really scary for autistic children and adults. This year I am preparing for the summer.

I’ve learned to cope with this by devising strategies to ensure we know what we’re doing and anxiety is reduced. Today’s video is all about those strategies, and preparing for summer. Hope it’s helpful.

In my video I talk about ‘Suzie books’ a series of books about day to day activities especially written for autistic children. They’re really useful and we’ve used ours to prepare Wonder Girl for our upcoming flight. To buy books and for more information visit the website. 

Disclaimer – I was sent a Suzie book about preparing for a flight free of charge to share it with you.