Six iPhone Apps To Organise Your Life

My iPhone is an extension of my brain. It helps me to cope with the difficulties I have organising myself. There are some great apps that I use to organise nearly every aspect of my life. From my calendar to my monthly cycle.

I find that with everything neatly organised on my phone, which is nearly always with me, I always stay on top of my life. When everything is organised my stress levels are reduced and I’m freer to enjoy my life without feeling like I need to keep everything in my head.

Six iPhone apps to organise your life;


I’ve tried many calendar apps and this is my favourite. You can choose between month or week view. It’s really easy to add events either within the app or using Siri.   You can repeat events, daily, weekly, monthly or custom. Plus you can invite people to the event within the app and add events to different calendars. So Mr Purple and I have a family calendar which we use for appointments we both need to know about.


I use Evernote to organise my thoughts, and keep a track of information I need on the go. It’s a really versatile organisation app that allows you to take notes, make lists, sketches, take pictures, capture audio, and add PDF’s, locations and web clippings. You can also share your notes with others.

I have my information divided into notebooks. One for personal, one for financial, one for the children and one for work. Within each notebook I have todo lists and relevant information. So one place for everything connected to every area of my life.


Pennies is my budgeting app. When I was searching for a budgeting app I found most available were too complicated. I manage my personal budget at home, and wanted an app that would keep a track of my disposable income on the go.

Pennies knows my monthly allowance, the money set aside for food shopping, clothing, entertainment. Basically anything that isn’t a set monthly amount. When I spend I simply log the amount and Pennies lets me know how much I’ve spent each day and how much I have left for the day, and the month.

It’s also great to be be able to look at past months and get information on how much I generally spend each month. Also I’m totally in control of my spending and don’t find myself short at the end of the month.


The native reminders app on the iPhone is really useful. I use it for my todo lists. I have several lists divided by weekly repeating jobs, one off  jobs and shopping lists. You can also add reminders via Siri, like remind me to get milk at 10am. It’s basic but I like it as an uncomplicated way to keep on top of my jobs.


Medisafe is a brilliant app for medication reminders. As a Mum of three with an asthmatic cat I have to remember medications, some long term, others short term, and this app makes it easy.

I add any medications to the pill box on the app. Schedule how often and for how long and it reminds me when they are needed. There is also the option to get a reminder when medications need restocking.


This one is specific to women. Keeping track of my monthly cycle is important for a few reasons. It’s useful to know my fertile times to avoid pregnancy, or get pregnant if that’s where you’re at. I also find it helpful to know where I am in my cycle as it can explain physical symptoms and moodiness, which means I’m prepared and better able to cope. Plus I can make sure I’m carrying my moon cup with me when I’m due on my period.

Flo looks nice, is easy to follow and keeps a track of my cycles in order to more accurately predict timings.