How To Find Value In What You Do

I am a wife, a Mother, a daughter and daughter in law, a family member, a blogger, a YouTuber and a keen social media user. I like to read, practise yoga, watch TV, play games, build lego, bake and colour in. I have a wonderful family and some amazing friends. I like to support people on the autistic spectrum and their loved ones.

I’m not showing off, or being smug, it’s just that, sometimes, despite all that I do and have achieved I still occasionally feel like the way I spend my time isn’t good enough. I struggle to find value in what I do.

When I analyse my achievements I have some preconceived ideas of what success looks like and unfortunately all that I do does not meet those criteria.

I don’t earn any money from what I do. Despite spending many hours every week working on my online content I don’t earn much and what I do is balanced out by my outgoings, like hosting and advertising. For some reason my idea of success involves making money.

Internet success. I watch people overtake me on subscribers, likes and all that good stuff. I have a small, engaged community who appreciate what I do and yet I compare myself to the big names in my industry and mentally downgrade my achievements.

So this post is as much for me as it is for you. We should all value our achievements, big or small.

How To Find Value In What You Do;

Redefine success. What if making someone smile today, or cooking a meal, or finding something great to watch on Netflix was success? What if a sunny day, or a great mediation session equalled success? I am consciously trying to redefine success. So what if I don’t have thousands of YouTube subscribers? I have comments from people telling me they enjoy what I do and that has value. What if I don’t earn money? I help people, they tell me I’ve helped them deal with situations or understand their autistic loved one better. That has great value.

Set smaller goals. You are in charge of your goals and you are in charge of defining your own success. Live a slow life and aim for achievable goals and not only will you feel more satisfied with life but you will also be making a good choice for your physical and mental health.

Notice the wins. Instead of focussing on what you haven’t achieved choose to focus on the wins. Make a note of them, keep a daily win journal and keep the successes mounting. That way on the days when you feel like you’re losing you can look back at the reality, you are a winner.

Basically finding value in what you do is about kindness. It’s about looking at your life and all that you do and saying ‘this is good enough, I have value’. So I urge you to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend and cheerlead for your life. You have value.