How To Be Happy In Autumn

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

How to be happy in autumn. I love Autumn, and I also love spring, summer and winter. I love the changing seasons, and the new things each season brings. I’m someone for whom the main goal in life is to be happy, and I’ve fought really hard for my happiness. I know that a large chunk of happiness stems from appreciation of what we have and what we experience.

So I’ve decided that for the next four seasons I will write a post about how to be happy in that season. Starting with autumn.

As each new season arrives why not join me in finding happiness via appreciation. Make your own list of your favourite parts of the season as each new season arrives.

How to be happy in autumn;

Kicking leaves. Kicking leaves is a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s so much fun letting loose and kicking up piles of leaves into the air. The colours, the crunch, the feeling of freedom. It helps me to connect with my inner child and my actual children. If you see a pile don’t be restrained, run, kick and I promise it will make you smile.

Collecting conkers. Last week my children and I collected 143 conkers. Some of them were easy pickings, some of them hard earned, dug from the ground with a stick. It’s the end of conker season, but if you search hard enough there are still some shiny brown treasures to be found. They are beautiful, smooth and gleaming in the autumn sun. You can use them for conker fights, counting games, decorating or just for enjoying, as we do.

Drink hot chocolate. Hot chocolate, most indulgent of the hot drinks. We currently have some, a Christmas gift last year, which is made by breaking large pieces of dark, rich, bitter chocolate into warming milk. Add sugar, and top with cream and it feels like a real treat. I love long walks in the crisp, autumn air, followed by cuddles and hot chocolate with a good family film. Bliss.

Celebrate Halloween. I’ve always enjoyed ghost stories. Despite being a Christian I enjoy Halloween for what it means to our family. A chance to dress up, spend time with friends and play make believe. We carve a pumpkin, decorate the house and go trick or treating. A hint for Halloween, those that enjoy and want to participate will leave a pumpkin outside, so only knock those doors and everyone will be happy.

Enjoy Bonfire night. I have fond memories of childhood bonfire nights. My Mum would dress me up in many layers and wellies until I felt well padded and cosy. Then we would go to a local bonfire and fireworks display, and ooh and aah in delight. As a child it felt unusual to be out after dark, and that added to the specialness of the occasion. I continue this tradition with my children and we have plans to go see a display on Friday.

Appreciate jumpers, and layers.  Whilst I do enjoy the freedom of summer clothing. I also love the cosiness of autumnal clothing. It’s not as restrictive and bundled up as winter clothing, but it provides me with enough layers to feel protected and cosy, which is perfect.

Enjoy outdoors and indoors. Summer brings pressure to be outside, making the most of the sun. Winter weather makes all but short walks unpleasant and cold. Autumn is the season for indoors and outdoors. Autumn walks, visits to the park and window shopping are all possible in autumn. Equally snuggling up inside with my wood burner on, cosy and safe from the world outside is absolutely acceptable too.

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