How to enjoy alone time

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert or somewhere in between, everybody can benefit from and enjoy alone time. I’m guilty of not getting enough time alone. When I schedule alone time I feel anxious, my brain tells me that I need to be around people in order to be living a successful and productive life. The reality is I need a lot of time alone, or I end up overstimulated, buzzy and unable to focus and enjoy myself.

Reasons alone time is good for you;

Alone time allows you to reboot your brain and unwind. Being alone without distraction allows you to clear your mind and focus.

Alone time improves concentration and increases productivity.

Being alone allows you to learn about yourself and to think independently. When you’re not surrounded by other people and their views you have time and space to think about how you really think and feel about things.

Solitude improves relationships with others. With time to discover yourself you’re better able to make informed choices about who you want to spend time with. In addition you’ll be refreshed and able to participate in relationships more fully.

How to create space and time to be alone;

It can be difficult in our busy lives to find time to be alone. I definitely understand this issue as a Mum of three, my home is often pretty hectic. So it’s definitely good to be proactive in finding the time to be alone.

Get up early, or go to bed late. Whether you’re an early bird or an owl will influence which to pick. I enjoy waking up early and enjoying a cup of tea in bed, in peace, in the morning before the chaos of children, breakfast and preparation for the day ahead begins.

Utilise any less busy spaces in your home. I use my bedroom as a sanctuary from the chaos of the house when needed. I close the door, get comfy and enjoy half an hour of me time when I’m feeling overstimulated.

Schedule alone time. Make sure you’re getting a chunk of alone time regularly by scheduling it into your diary.

How to enjoy being alone;

This is the tricky one for me. I do enjoy being alone but the anticipation of it makes me anxious. So at the moment I’m working on making sure I resist the urge to seek company and learn to appreciate my own company.

Indulge in your hobbies. I like making lego, colouring in and baking. If I use my alone time to enjoy my hobbies I find it deeply satisfying and relaxing.

Make your home environment somewhere you want to be. Buy comfy cushions, indulgent throws and soft things so that you can get really snuggly and comfy in your nest.

Remind yourself of the benefits of alone time. Treat alone time as you would exercise and healthy eating. Know that you are doing something nourishing and that self care is important.

I hope you (and I) can start enjoying regular alone time. For more information read this post I wrote with ideas for things to do when you’re alone.