Get Organised For Christmas

There are less than six weeks to go until Christmas Day. I love Christmas, the twinkly lights, indulgent foods, cosy activities, and spending time with my family. Sometimes though, for those of us responsible for getting Christmas organised, it can become a bit stressful. So I’m here to help you get organised for Christmas.

As someone on the autistic spectrum who has a little trouble organising herself, it’s extra important for me to stay on top of Christmas prep. So I like to be as organised as possible.

Get organised for Christmas;

Make a shopping list. Add all the people you need to buy gifts for. There are lots of apps specifically for Christmas lists. I use this one which allows you to make categories, e.g friends, family, and set budgets. You can see your progress and what you still have left to do.

This app is designed for gifts but I’ve added a category for extras and included other spends like Christmas tree, decorations and wrapping paper. This helps me to set a realistic Christmas budget.

Organise your diary. Christmas can be a busy time of year. Things like Christmas parties, visits to Christmas markets and children’s Christmas activities are lovely. However if you’re not organised you can easily end up over scheduled and overwhelmed.

Around early November I start to organise my diary. I find the dates for all the Christmas events we could potentially attend. Then I match them with my calendar to see which ones we can do, whilst still leaving time for rest, day to day life things and prep for the big day.

In addition schedule days in your calendar for the usual Christmas preparation  you do at home.  Things like putting up your tree, baking and wrapping presents.

Consider alternatives to Christmas cards; Or get started with writing them early! This year I’m considering a donation to charity and a Facebook announcement to let friends and family know this is what we’re doing. If you want a bit of both this site has a list of charities you can chose to donate to and will send ecards to your family and friends letting them know you have donated.

Streamline your shopping; Shopping centres in December are one of the most unpleasant places to be, ever! So I suggest a combination of online shopping, visits to Christmas markets, and visiting shops during quieter periods (ideally before December).

I would also suggest having a rough idea of what you would like to get for each person before shopping. This is absolutely quicker and more efficient than browsing. If you enjoy browsing then do a combination of planned and spontaneous gift buying.

Book a food delivery for Christmas; All the major supermarkets release pre Christmas delivery dates to book well in advance. So book a slot asap, some are already out and some are end of November. Then you can add things to your delivery between now and then. This means you can carefully plan your Christmas menu, and avoid busy supermarkets, win win.

I hope this post is useful in helping you plan for Christmas. Most of all enjoy the lead up to Christmas. It is a wonderful time of year, even more so if you stay organised.