Purple Life Update

Blogging has felt a little tricky lately. The building momentum with my public speaking and over on my YouTube channel has left me feeling unsure what to do with this space. What started as a parenting blog has evolved into an autism/lifestyle blog, and I’m not entirely clear what my goals are here anymore.

Writing here used to be an absolute pleasure. I poured my heart out into my keyboard, or aimed for humour with stories of our lives. Now I tend to fill it with posts encouraging mindful, happy living or autism related stuff, and I’m not sure what you, dear reader, would like from me to keep you coming back.

Are you still enjoying my blog? What would you like to see me sharing on these (virtual) pages now? Please share your thoughts and I will endeavour to take your ideas on board.

For now I’ve decided I want to bring the Purple family back. So the first week of each month I’ll be doing a Purple life update post. A chance for me to share our highs and lows,  as well as a little spend recommendation from our month, and to just generally catch you up on what’s happening in Purple land. So here goes.

Purple highs;

The Purple puppy Coco. She is enriching our lives. Our daily walks with her are a new addition to my daily mindfulness practise. A chance to immerse myself in the moment, leave the struggles of day to day life behind and just be. My kids, the puppy and I, in that moment with nothing else to care about.

Super Kids birthday. I have an eleven year old! I started this blog when he was four, and goodness how he has grown. Not so much physically (he’s a wee little thing) as mentally. He is incredibly academic, picking up new concepts, and knowledge quickly. He is thirsty for information about the world.

His current obsession is origami and we are awash with paper cranes, flowers, and even an octopus. His party was brilliant, golfing at a driving range then dinner for 12 at Bella Italia. I am constantly proud of my wonderful boy.

Robo boys attitude. Robo boy has always wanted a puppy, so the arrival of the Purple pup is a dream come true for him. Boy has he stepped up. Regularly asking me if he can help me with any jobs, he even picked up poop yesterday (a task he swore he’d never manage). I see him maturing into a responsible, kind, caring boy and I like it. Brilliant with his little sister, even when she’s driving him crazy, his behaviour has absolutely been a high this month.

Purple lows;

The laptop debacle. I got a new laptop in October last year, a brand new MacBook to enable easier video editing. I got it out to work after my Christmas break and it wouldn’t turn on. So Mr Purple took it to the Apple store, and they sent it for repair. A miscommunication occurred and timings of the repair weren’t made clear.

When it became apparent that this wasn’t a quick fix, I asked for a solution. This was a new laptop broken through no fault of mine and I had work to do. Apple came over all ‘computer says no’ and refused to accommodate me. An entire day where Mr Purple hung out at the Apple store, and I rang and spoke to management at Apple HQ and eventually (literally five hours later) they caved and I had a laptop.

This caused multiple meltdowns, stress and frankly given that we are loyal customers (several decades of buying Apple for all our tech needs) I was not impressed with the service. Shame cos I love their products.

Happy spends this month;

My new coat, for cozy dog walks. It’s a Didrikson Frida, it’s purple and I love it.

Didrikson Frida

Gap jean joggers. I love Jeans but crave the comfort of cozy joggers, so this is my trouser nirvana. I love them and may have to invest in a second pair soon.

Gap jean joggers

All the socks. I have a bit of a thing for socks. So in the January sales I went a bit sock mad and bought all the socks, so my morning sock choice is now so much fun!

Fat Face socks

So there you have it, this months life update from the Purple house. I hope January has been kind to you and yours. Do let me know what you have been up to in the comments, and have an awesome February.