Camp Bestival 2018

We arrived home yesterday, an early departure, from Camp Bestival 2018. Unfortunately rain and high winds stopped play. Sadly a very sensible decision was made by the Camp Bestival team to end early this year. No worries though, because we managed to squeeze a whole lot of festival fun into the two days we were there.

We dance walked through a cacophony of sound systems pumping happy tunes into our path. Enjoyed a variety of different shows on different stages, from science show to 80’s singalong,  all thoroughly entertaining in their own way. This year the boys finally got to Spinney Hollow in time to secure a place to make a bow and arrow each. A decision we may live to regret!

Wonder Girl had her hair braided with rainbow colours. She added a sequin skirt, face glitter, temporary tattoos and festival wristbands to complete her outfit.

Camp Bestival 2018

We thoroughly sampled the delights of Camp Bestival’s rather exceptional food offering. Super Kid was brave with his choices this year. He enjoyed pad Thai, sweetcorn on the cob with honey and black pepper, and a vegan sushi wrap. The other children opted for more traditionally kiddy foods of pizza, pancakes, and churros.

Camp Bestival 2018 was a definite hit with the Purple family. Festivals are a great, big rollercoaster of a weekend, and I think it’s worth getting on for the ride. Here’s some more pictures from the weekend, keep scrolling for our Camp Bestival 2018 vlog.

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