When you or your child are diagnosed with autism there may be people you want to share this with. Telling family and friends autism diagnosis can help them to be more supportive. Telling people can be difficult and they may not always react well, or say the right thing. 

How to share and how to respond to unhelpful responses;

In this video I’m talking about how to share the diagnosis and the types of reactions you might get. The good, the bad and the ugly. In hopes that you are prepared to cope with whatever responses you might get. 

I’m also talking about the ways you can handle these responses. Often a bad response can be a chance to educate, and hopefully help that person learn and respond better to yours or your child’s needs in future. 

I hope you get good responses to sharing the news of an autism diagnosis. If a response is not helpful try not to worry. Sometimes people take time to process big news. In time you may find they deal with it better and can be supportive. 

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