I’m a little bit nervous about how people will react to today’s video. It can be hard to speak out about things that might offend people. Today I’m talking about the difficulties with the media categorising the disabled as victims or heroes.

We’ve all seen the warm fuzzy Facebook posts about the lovely student who so generously took their disabled friend (victim) to the prom . Or the autistic person (hero) who despite being autistic can sing and get a record deal.

The problem with this perception is in the stereotypes. Disabled people don’t want pity friendships, or special treatment. Many disabled people are capable of many of the same things as their non disabled peers. We are all different. Many of us don’t want singling out, we simply want accessibility to the same opportunities that everyone else gets.

We want to be able to access buildings. Study at universities and attend gigs. We want to fit in, and live our lives. Our needs are not dissimilar to anyone else and we don’t want someone to give us a standing ovation for achieving the same things our peers have.

Here is a post I wrote about being proud to be autistic