I’m not going to be internet jolly and hide my reality. It’s been a tough week. Several times this week I’ve experienced autistic shutdown.

It’s been a tough few months. Some sad things happened which I have talked about as much as I need to. I am failing to reach some goals I’d like to achieve. I’m feeling down. Unproductive, and clinging onto the hope that I will get it together soon!

So I continue on my quest to find my pieces, put them back together and move on with my life. In the meantime I did manage to film this week. With my autistic friend Ros who has made many videos with me previously.

We made this video about autistic shutdowns. Using our own personal experiences we talk about how the feel, why they happen and how to embrace the need to shut down.

I made this video about the other side of the shutdown coin, the meltdown.

I wrote this post about how to help an autistic person in meltdown.

The National Autistic Society have this information about meltdowns.