Another much requested video this week. Top tips for romantic relationships with autistic partners.

I’ve been married, to the wonderful Mr Purple, for 18 years. As with any marriage, or long term relationship, it hasn’t always been easy. We have had extra challenges to deal with because I am autistic and Mr Purple is neurotypical.

For the first 14 years of our relationship I didn’t know that I am autistic. So I was having meltdowns, sensory processing difficulties, and social communication difficulties without understanding, or knowing why. This was very difficult because we had no idea what was going on or how to help.

Since my diagnosis things have been better. We’ve been able to identify the particular challenges we face. Knowledge is power, and since diagnosis we have worked on these areas. Finding strategies to move forward together stronger and happier.

In this video I’m sharing my five top tips for those of you in a romantic relationship with an autistic person. The changes we made, and things we did to better our relationship, and enjoy a more satisfying partnership.

I wrote this post about romantic relationships for autistic people the year I was diagnosed.

Here is an article from the National Autistic Society for partners of autistic people.