The posture shirt from ActivePosture is a shirt designed to align your muscles to achieve better posture. It activates muscle memory to help your body learn to maintain this.

I have bad posture. Goodness knows how, after years of dance, and circus training. I have poor core strength and lax joints in my shoulders and neck. This causes neck and shoulder pain, daily, which I find very wearisome.

Most of this is because of my hyper mobile spectrum disorder. The treatment is to strengthen and train my muscles to support my weak connective tissue. In part this will be achieved with the help of my physiotherapist.

I heard about the posture shirt and decided to give it a try. I feel it might also be able to help me to reduce pain. So I agreed to give it a try, and I have made a video to tell you all about it. If you are interested in buying the posture shirt I have a discount for my readers who will get 10% off if they use the code Purple10 when you checkout.

Website for more information and to purchase the posture shirt

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I was gifted a posture shirt so that I could make this video for you. I was not paid in any other way.