This is a video I’ve been wanting to make for some time. I have been waiting for my PIP ordeal to be over before letting you all know about my experiences. The problems with PIP.

PIP (personal independence payment) is a non means tested benefit to support disabled people who have care and/or mobility needs. It has replaced disabled living allowance. Although if you are under 16 you would still claim DLA.

I’ve been receiving DLA for many years as a result of my needs caused by being autistic and having hyper mobile spectrum disorder. Last April I received a letter explaining that I wouldn’t receive DLA anymore. That I needed to reapply for PIP.

I knew, from word of mouth, that this process was likely to be stressful and that I would probably lose my benefits. Money that I had been using to pay for extra help to support me in the areas that my disability affects me. So I was worried going into the process.

Even so nothing prepared me for how terrible this system is. How it disbelieves, and harms disabled people. Often leaving them with no support and financial difficulties paying for their care.

I made this video to take about my experiences and how angry I am about the way the PIP system works. I wanted to let the world know the problems with PIP.

For more information on PIP and how to (attempt) to claim it.

Some advice on filling out your PIP claim form.

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