Todays video is all about managing emotions. This can be a difficult area for autistic people for a number of reasons. Many autistic people also have alexithymia which is a subclinical inability to recognise emotions in oneself.

So first of all you have to figure out how you feel. Next is identifying why you feel that way, and finally how to respond to the feeling. These steps can take time for autistic people because of processing speed and sensory processing difficulties.

In today’s video I’m talking about my own experience managing emotions. Which has been a problem area for me all my life, and even now, with a ton of work on the area, it’s still a struggle. I’m also offering suggestions and strategies for working on managing your emotions.

The world can be an incredibly scary place when emotions are difficult to identify and manage. Learning how to process, and deal with emotions can really help to reduce anxiety, meltdowns and shutdowns. So I think it’s definitely an area to focus on in the journey towards living a happy autistic life.

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