Autistic parenting can be challenging, by which I mean being an autistic parent. One of the aspects of parenting that I’ve found difficult is the social side. The extra social requirements that happen because you are a parent.

You start with anti natal classes, moving onto toddler groups, school playground politics and more. Additionally you will need to deal with your children’s friends and their parents, doctors, dentists, music teachers etc. All these extra social situations can be difficult when you are autistic.

Autistic parenting means that it can be difficult to fit in. We can struggle to follow the social rules, and adapt our social style to fit in with different groups. In my experience the most heartbreaking aspect of these challenges is the impact it can have on our children, and their social connections.

I’ve definitely made mistakes, and at times I found it difficult to adapt to these different social situations when I became a Mother. Some of these areas I still struggle with now my children are 12, 10 and 8. It’s a constant learning curve.

I’d love to live in a society where neurodiversity is more widely accepted and understood. Where autistic parenting is easier. Where being autistic doesn’t make these situations harder. Unfortunately we are not there yet, so I made this video to help other autistic parents like me.

I made this video with more tips for autistic parents.

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