In today’s video I’ve created a guide to disability language. I’m reasonably active on social media. One of the things I’ve noticed in disability communities is discourse around the language we use to describe disability and difference. It can feel as though it’s best not to say anything for fear of causing offence.

I think this is a real shame, conversations which could be useful, and could bring people together are not happening for fear of using the wrong words. Personally I try not to take offence if someone uses language to describe my situation that isn’t my preferred language. I tend to assume it’s not intended to cause offence. Instead I try to engage in conversation about my preferred language choices and why I prefer them.

Nobody is perfect, and we can all learn about these issues from other disabled people. So I’d suggest that if you’re not sure what language someone prefers then ask. I hope you find my guide to disability language useful;

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Here is some information from disability charity scope about disability language.