A few weeks ago I was approached by Gaston Luga from Stockholm, Sweden. They sell bags and accessories and they offered me a bag. This was just the nudge I needed to make a video I’ve been planning for a while all about what’s in my bag.

I carry a rucksack because it prevents strain on my neck and shoulders. This is important because of my Ehlers-danlos syndrome. I find shoulder bags exacerbate my neck pain. I have a few backpacks for different occasions and my new Gaston Luga bag is brilliant for when I have a full day out. It holds a reasonable amount and it is comfortable and practical.

I’m sharing what’s in my bag because I carry lots of extra things to help me with my autism and my physical disability. So I thought it might be helpful. Also who doesn’t love a nosey into someone else’s life?

I also have a great offer to share with you. If you use the discount code PURPLEELLA at checkout with Gaston Luga you will get 15% off your purchase. In addition, at the moment, they are offering a free complimentary travel bag (worth £29) with every backpack purchase. Mine is perfect for carrying my make up.

For more information and to purchase visit Gaston Luga

Here’s a video I made about managing hypermobile spectrum disorders