I had a moment of self doubt, well several weeks of self doubt but that title isn’t so catchy. In fact I’ve had many years of periodic self doubt but that really doesn’t grab the viewer!

It makes sense that an autistic girl who didn’t know she was autistic until later in life would experience self doubt. I’ve been told many variations of the statement ‘who you are is not acceptable’ over the years. So I find it hard to believe in myself. To trust that who I am is OK.

I made the video because I know I’m not alone in feeling a moment of self doubt. I wanted to reassure those of you who might need solidarity. The good news is that the self doubt and the difficult few weeks have led to some progress.

I am feeling more confident and more ready to live my life than before. I have realised that the only way forward for me is to prioritise staying healthy and happy. That unless I’m caring for myself in this way I can’t be of help to anybody else.

Here’s the video;

In this video I’m talking about a similar topic.

This is an article from the NAS about mental health and autism