Happy New Year to all my followers. In this weeks video I’m sharing my thoughts on how to organise yourself in 2020. It’s the time of year when we consider aspects of our life we would like to improve. I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions. However I do like to use the start of the year as an opportunity to take stock, and make sure I’m living my best life.

Over the years I’ve tried many different methods of organising myself. But because of my autism and neurodiversity I never really found a good fit. So I developed my own system that work for me.

In this video I’m sharing my system and how I developed it. So that you can develop your own system that works for you. How to organise yourself in 2020.

Here is a post I wrote about organising yourself when you are autistic.

Here is a post I wrote with six phone apps to help with organisation.

Here is a link to google keep which I talk about in my video.