Last Saturday was Super Kid’s 13th Birthday. We had a really nice weekend with her. Firstly she took her friends out for ice cream on Friday, after School. Then on Saturday we went out for Japanese food and bubble tea. We finished the weekend with a visit to the Bristol cat cafe; You & Meow.

We’ve been meaning to visit the cat cafe for several years, since it opened. But they have a minimum age limit for children (10 years). Waiting meant I could take both Super Kid and Robo Boy, though Wonder Girl still isn’t old enough.

We had an amazing time at the cat cafe. These are my tips to enjoy visiting a cat cafe;

  • Book in advance. You & Meow (Bristol cat cafe) admit walk ins when there’s space. However it’s often fully booked so you might be disappointed if you don’t book.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. We ended up sitting on the floor to play with the cats. Also the whole vibe is relaxed and being comfortable aids that.
  • Be prepared that cat cafes are not cheap. We paid £8 per adult, £6 per child and another £10 on top in the cafe for cake. I made a deal with the kids that they could either have a cake or a drink, and we asked for tap water. This helped.
  • Remember these are cats. Understanding cat behaviour and body language (lots of guides online like this one) would give you a head start in helping them to feel comfortable interacting with you.

I made this vlog of our visit. I hope you enjoy it.

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