During the Christmas break I got a tattoo. I wanted to take some time to talk about the experience of being autistic and getting a tattoo. It’s a tattoo that I’ve been planning for many years, but I hadn’t been brave enough to go and get it. I’m glad that I waited because I was able to get my original design plan, three elephants to represent my children, in my new favourite kawaii style.

I was super nervous about getting a tattoo. I have another one but it was done by a friend at home, not using a gun, so it was a very different experience, and boy did it hurt. This experience, combined with my extreme needle phobia made me nervous about going under the needle again.

Being autistic and getting a tattoo was an intense experience for me. I’m already hyper aware of all sensations in my body and generally have a low pain threshold. I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it. But I did and I’m really pleased with the resulting tattoo.

I made this video to talk to you all about the experience of getting, and healing a tattoo.

This is Flavia’s (my tattoo artist) Instagram account.