all autistic people are different

All autistic people are different. This is a fairly obvious statement, but surprisingly many people expect autistic people to have the same traits and needs. Because autism is a diagnosable condition with a list of diagnostic criteria it would be easy to assume that all autistic people are the same.

Though you do have to meet enough of the diagnostic criteria to get a diagnosis. Which traits and how they present can vary widely. And of course just like all other humans everyone has their own individual personality, experiences, and genetics, shaping how they behave.

This can make supporting an autistic person a challenge. So I’d suggest instead of making assumptions you could approach each autistic person as a new individual. Ask them how their autism affects them and what their needs and preferences are.

I hope you find this video useful in understanding the ways that autistic people can vary. Myself and my autistic friend Ros discuss the ways our autism differs.

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This is a video from the National Autistic Society about autism.