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Disability Public Speaker;

I can speak at your event. I have a number of talks available or I can prepare something specific for you.

*All talks can be followed by a questions and answers session

This is a vlog of my trip to talk at the National Autistic Societies Women and Girl’s conference in 2018. It includes some sections of my talk

Disabled Content Creator;

As a disabled content creator I have an engaged social following.

I have 23,000 + subscribers on my YouTube channel.

On my social channels I have 3,000+ Instagram followers, 46,000 TikTok followers 

I work with brands who want to work with disabled content creators.

I believe that commercial content should be as engaging and relevant as the rest of my content. It should be as appealing to my audience, and create as big an impact.

Contact me to discuss creating unique content together to promote your brand.

Disability focussed companies I have worked with include;

  • Chewigem
  • Sensory Oojamabobs
  • Happy Hands Toys
  • Gravity Blanket
  • Born Anxious
  • Brain In Hand.

Testimonies for my public speaking;

‘I enjoyed, although that sounds wrong, the discussion this week on a very personal difficult subject’ client, autism and bereavement talk for carers

‘Just to say that Ella was BRILLIANT yesterday – super engaging and very willing to respond to questions. Would be a pleasure to have her back to speak any time, and would highly recommend.’ National Autistic Society, autism and special interests talk for carers

‘you were one of the speakers who was mentioned frequently as one of the best of the day’ National Autistic Society, autism and mental health talk at Women and Girls conference

‘Just to say that I found yesterday’s session very informative and thought Ella gave an excellent presentation to the group.’ Workplace training for civil servants

Ella attended our school today, two talks- 1 to parents and 1 to staff. She is a major advocate for autism, specifically autistic girls. She speaks about her life in such an insightful manner. We had great feedback from everyone. The Anderson school (National Autistic Society school)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your talk at yesterday’s session.  The participants universally put you down as the best part of the training, and several said the training could be improved by allocating more time to you! Gloucester Council training event