Purple Ella

Purple Ella began life as a parenting blog in August 2011 shortly after the birth of my youngest child. Now my main focus is autism and disability.

In 2015 both my eldest daughter and I were diagnosed with autism. My youngest daughters autism diagnosis followed in 2016. I’m fascinated by autism, and passionate about neurodiverse positivity. This is my first ever post about autism, and my passion has grown ever since.

In addition my middle child and I were diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers-danlos syndrome in 2019.  hEDS is a heritable disorder of connective tissues. In a nutshell our connective tissue isn’t as well made as it should be. Since connective tissue connects everything in the body this causes a variety of symptoms.

I work with brands who want to work with autistic or disabled content creators.

I believe that commercial content should be as engaging and relevant as the rest of my content. It should be as appealing to my audience, and create as big an impact.

Contact me to discuss creating unique content together to promote your brand.

My online influence;

I have an engaged social following, including 9000+ Twitter followers and 6000+ Facebook fans. I receive around 4000 page views on my blog every month, and have 5000+ subscribers on my YouTube channel.

The companies I have worked with include;

Micro Scooter, Camp Bestival, Marks and Spencer, Eurocamp, Bristol Hippodrome, The Forestry Commission, Neal’s Yard, Next, Homesense, Bristol Zoo, WB Studio Tour London, Vtech, Ecover, Yeo Valley, SS Great Britain, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum London, Lalaloopsy, Hotel Du Vin, Lottie Doll, and Bella Italia. 

Disability focussed companies I have worked with include;

Chewigem, Sensory Oojamabobs, Happy Hands Toys, Gravity Blanket, Born Anxious, and Brain In Hand.